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Summer is Here!

Summer is Here!

After planting Petunias, sweet alyssum, and lobelia, make sure they get plenty of water through the hot summer months.   Petunias for instance are hearty annuals providing a long blooming season. Sweet alyssum are low growing annuals, great as companion plants to pair with spring blooming bulbs. They like full sun to partial shade and bloom all year round. Lobelia are popular for window boxes and hanging baskets. they make great ground cover too. For later spring planting, annuals such as impatients, coleus, and angelonia, and perennials such as pentas, lantana, jacobina and purple coneflowers are all terrific for South Georgia planting op...

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Fruit Trees Just In!
18 Mar

Fruit Trees Just In!

    Fruit Trees            Most available in 3 and 5 gallon-$15 & $20 Peach—E...

Summer Time!

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